ICS Subjects, Scope In Pakistan Books List, Total Marks

These are the four main points that make us assure to publish the page comprises the ICS Subjects, Scope In Pakistan Books List, Total Marks. We are going to discuss with you guys about the ICS subjects at first. There are three Groups in Intermediate of Computer sciences. All details of these three groups mentioned here at this page. The Group 1 means the computer science, Mathematics, and Physics. The group 2 comprises the computer sciences, mathematics and statistics and group 3 include computer science, mathematics, and economics. These three groups offered by all institutes within Pakistan. Remember these three groups make the easy approach for the selection of optional subjects. Compulsory subjects are Urdu, English, Pakistan Studies and Islamic Studies means ethics for Non-Muslims.

ICS Subjects, Scope In Pakistan Books List, Total Marks

ICS Subjects, Scope In Pakistan Books List, Total Marks

ICS Student can take one group from the following:

  1. Group 1 Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics
  2. Group 2 Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics
  3. Group 3 Computer Science, Mathematics, Economics

It is a normal attitude of parents that they seem to put pressure on students for the Pre-engineering or Pre Medical. It is not the good practice at all. Sometimes it has minor effects on the career at student level because they succeed in shifting their approach towards the new profession. Most of the time, students have no interest in Premedical and pre-engineering never make themselves comfortable with these two fields. We are discussing here the Scope of ICS because after that students have many options. The technology is improving making ICS as trending degree now a day. For example, the student can easily join BCS that advanced level of ICS. BCS is a bachelor of computer science with respect to the advance studies explained indeed. ICS students make themselves comfortable because they have more options to join now a day.

ICS Scope In Pakistan

  • BS Physics
  • BS Computational Physics
  • BS Mathematics
  • Architecture B.Arch
  • Computer System Engineering
  • Robotics, Embedded Systems & Control Engineering
  • BS Artificial Intelligence
  • BS Information Technology
  • Software Engineering
  • Telecommunication
  • Electronics Engineering
  • BS Nanotechnology
  • BS Space Sciences

These above fields are degree titles but in reality, students can take any domain after ICS. For example, if he shows interest in Nanotechnology during academic session of ICS then he is welcome to join BS nanotechnology as well. Please make yourself comfortable with the listed fields after discussing prospective field after ICS with your teacher.

ICS Books

All books recommended by Punjab Textbook Board are mandatory to purchase to be high scoring students of ICS. Those who recently got their 10th Class result must purchase compulsory books before optional. The reason to purchase ICS compulsory books is to start preparing for these subjects then optional subjects will left only.

ICS Total Marks

ICS (2 Years)
Intermediate in Computer Science
1. Computer Science (150+50)
2. Mathematics
3. Statistics/ Physics/Economics (150+50)
4. English
5. Urdu
6. Islamic Studies/ Pak Studies
Total Marks:1100


Hope now you have understand about the ICS Subjects, Scope In Pakistan Books List, Total Marks explained here at this page.

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