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ICOM Subjects In Pakistan Part 1, Part 2

ICOM Subjects In Pakistan Part 1, Part 2 shall explain here at this page. It means you may have the idea that how every perspective if subjects deal with the ICOM level. The first year consists of economics, accounting, business math, and commerce subjects. Every subject is different has its own importance with respect to the practical approach after study. The economics subject means you will be a personal financial advisor, a financial analyst in Pakistan, financial examiner and could be a statistician in the coming future in Pakistan. After the economics, the next subject is accounting and there are highly satisfied careers with respect to the accounting clerk, actuarial accountant, and insurance accountant.

ICOM Subjects In Pakistan Part 1, Part 2

These are some selected careers can approach for students under the perfect material way outs. The bookkeeping and budget analyst are also some important way out to know the request for the best choice while exploring the career. The capital accountant and comptroller are some important factors that can assure the layouts after the career approach towards practical life experiences. ICOM Subjects in Pakistan Part 2 includes different for example the banking, accounting, geography, and statistics.

ICOM 1st Year

Economics —–Accounting—–Business Math—–Commerce

ICOM 2nd Year



ICOM Subjects In Pakistan Part 1

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The commerce related students must take interest with respect to the Actuarial analyst, business advisor, and business analyst. The business development manager is the approach that may reflect according to the analyst with the date exploration approach. A data scientist is a way ideally behave under the requested way out to make the career under the single approach after ICOM degree in Pakistan.

Most important elements are being declared as per the nice and justified layout to show that how it is possible for ICOM Subjects in Pakistan Part 1 and ICOM Subjects in Pakistan Part 2. You must be ready to adopt any career after ICOM after you have ample information about the ICOM subjects in Pakistan.


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