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How To Introduce Myself During Job Interview

It is very Important to know that what should be included or excluded in How to introduce myself during interview and here are complete guide. In a job interview one of the very most constituent is the introduction. With the help of the introduction the employer decides that in which direction the interview will be processed. So it can help you getting the job as well as it can close the doors of the respective job for you. When an individual enters the venue where the interview is to be conducted he should enter with confidence. The first thing a common man assumes is that he should shake hand with the employer, but never make this mistake in countries like in Asia where it is considered as a causal approach. Yes if the employer makes the initiative than a confident and firm handshake should be made with the palm to palm contact and eye to eye contact. Never make a week handshake as it will give a negative impact and neither makes a strong enough bone crushing handshake.

How To Introduce Myself During Job Interview

When the handshake is done keep standing until the employers says you to sit otherwise keep standing. While making the introduction be very precise and to the point because by enquiring your introduction the employer does not want to hear what you do on weekends or what are your habits. He wants to know that how beneficial you will be for the organization. So identify the requirement and then answer up to the requirements only. The answer to the respective question about the introduction should comprise of the following key points:

  • Name
  • Family
  • Education and experience
  • Strengths
  • Interests
  • Goals

The introduction should be started with the name, as the employer will already be well aware from your name but make sure he spells and pronounce it correctly, than by family discussion make it relevant to the work place that what is your father’s occupation, how he have influenced for your respective studies.Than you should explain comprehensively about your education and experiences and make one thing sure that do affiliate your education as well as the experience with the job requirements and the respective vacancy. Do inform the employer regarding your strengths and weaknesses too but don’t put a question mark on your weaknesses. Speak about your strengths by comparing them with the job description and by speaking about the weaknesses make the employer clear that how you are working to get rid of them. Do organize your goal and objectives with the goals and objectives of the organization so that it should impress the employer.

During the introduction make sure that you have a positive smile on your face, and what you are saying is truth. Try to complete the intro phase as quick as 3 to 4 minutes and ensue that you are not overloading the employer with excessive information. Make flawless conversation and first listen to the question, than understand it and then make your answer because late answer is acceptable but not the wrong and irrelevant answer.


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