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Problems in Education System in Pakistan

Every highest approach towards the Problems Of Education In Pakistan maintained a balance between education and cultural development. The cultural way out is made through immediate association with education. Pakistan’s education system has many issues and the purpose of the post is to identify and buzz the student community. After the proper identification, it is necessary to stay in touch with the ways that can help our education system to resolve these issues. Education is an ultimate investment by the people towards the culture to improve it ideally. The take care of such investment itself required the wordy approach of scholars in society. The existing education system of the country has failed to deliver a corresponding response to the call for our national goals and ambitions.

Many factors have made the education system of Pakistan rotten to the fundamental. The Pakistan Literacy Rate in 2018 is logged as about 58% in the current year.

Education Problems in Pakistan

Problems Of Education In Pakistan

The education system is facing the following problems from which it needs to jump out for better national progress: We have categories of Problems Of Education In Pakistan here below-given narrative.

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  • Medium of Education

Most schools in Pakistan are of two mediums: English and Urdu. Most private schools are English medium with all subjects in the English language and government schools in the Urdu language, which has separated our students into two categories. This gives the basis of discrimination between the two categories of students, on which English medium students are given priority. The role of IT in the Education Sector In Pakistan should keep reading with this for the concentrated approach towards the education system in Pakistan.

  • Expensive Education

When we talk about English and Urdu medium schools, the first thought that comes into our mind is private and government schools. Government schools provide low-cost education with very low-quality education. English medium, the private sector offers high-quality education but with comparatively higher fees which is not affordable for our medium-class people.

  • Gender Discrimination

Another basis of discrimination is gender. In Pakistan, most people have conservative thoughts about letting girls go for studies. The ratio of literate boys and girls is 10:4.

  • Government support

One most highlighted education System problems that the citizens of Pakistan are facing is the education sector’s lack of government support. The government allocates only 2 % of the total GDP fund to the development of the education sector. This needs to be seriously looked into to get rid of political instability in the country.

  • Inexpert Teachers

The teachers in government schools are not properly technically trained. People who do not get a job anywhere else, an effort their luck to get a job in the education sector.

  • Poverty

Poverty is also another influence that limits parents to send their children to public or private schools. Therefore, they prefer to send their children to madrassas or government schools where education is very free or is of low cost which doesn’t help the student to groom their personalities.

These Problems Of Education In Pakistan need to be fixed before they get worse which cannot be handled in the future.


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