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What Should I do After B.Com

In the present competitive world, no qualification especially a bachelor’s is sufficient the securing a career. So after the completion of the Bachelor in Commerce, the individual should look forward to some higher and advanced career and future. Now, candidates looking What Should I do After B.Com. Further, this can be done by getting admission to any other master’s degree.  There are several options for an individual after completing his bachelor’s in the field of commerce. One of the very common and most preferred is applying for the master’s in business administration (MBA). This will make the opening for you to enter the managerial field in many of the organizations in the various departments like human resource; management of the workforce is the essential task, finance; where the allocation of resources are made and marketing; where the promotional activities are taken under consideration. This master’s program will enhance your skills and knowledge regarding the relevant field and will also enhance your experience and vision over various aspects of the market.

What Should I do After B.Com

The second important field which can be opted after the B.Com is the field of accounting. After the bachelor one is eligible for this field. CA and ACCA are the important professional degrees that one can do after this bachelor’s course. The teaching field can be also a good option but for that purpose, one should complete his master’s in the commerce field (M.Com) which will give the individual vast exposure to practical knowledge and will enhance one capability and command of the respective subject. So one can be a lecturer in any institute for the respective course and subjects of commerce; as teaching occupation is also considered a charming and bright career option for the individual regarding his career.

After B.Com Which Course is Best:

                                                              What Should I do After B.Com

Economists are also considered the major aspect of the economy of the country. So we need economists also which opens the gates for M.A. in economics. If you make an analysis of the; strength of China’s economy, the hand behind this is of its Chinese economists as they play a vital role in stabilizing the economy of the country. After completion of the B.Com, the field of statistics is also a good option for having a bright future. This is the degree of in Economics which is the field related to the collection of data and analysis of it with statistics tools like probability, index, co-relation, average index, standard deviation, etc.

The government sector is also open for a graduate of commerce as CSS and PMS which relates to civil services which have its own charm and authority, so it could also be proved to be a very attractive and bright future for the respective candidate. So there are many fields that are available for a graduate in the field of commerce from which he/she can opt for the best possible alternative considering his taste, interest, and capabilities.

After B.Com MBA is Possible?

ANS: Yes, you can do an MBA course after B.Com.


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