KPK Election 2018 Results PTI

25 July 2018 will be one of those days in the year 2018 that will leave it marks in the history of Pakistan. This day will decide the future of Pakistan. Yes, you are absolutely right! On 25 July 2018 Elections of Pakistan will be going to be held that will surely bring new changes in the democracy and system of Pakistan. The new Republic of Pakistan will be accounted in the pages of Pakistan book. Every single citizen of Pakistan has the right to cast the vote no matter which party candidate they are giving. But just keep in mind one thing to whom else candidate you are giving just make sure that such elected person would be better and prosperous for Pakistan in future. KPK is one of the most important provinces according to the election 2018. Here we will provide KPK Election 2018 Results in Peshawar, Mardan and Malakand districts. We will also mention the winning seats of PTI too.

KPK Election 2018 Results PTI, Peshawar, Mardan, Malakand

KPK Election 2018 Results PTI, Peshawar, Mardan, Malakand


Following are some of the main parties that will be participating in Elections 2018 of Pakistan:

  • Pakistan Tahreeq-e-Insaf
  • Pakistan Muslim League (N)
  • MMA
  • Pakistan People’s Party
  • Muttahida Qaumi Movement
  • Pakistan Muslim League (Q)


These elections will be going to held on 25 July 2018. Through these elections, Pakistan will get closer with their winning candidates that will be holding the duties of National Assembly and Provincial Assemblies. There will be one President and One Prime Minister and all the four provinces i.e. Punjab, Sindh, Blauchistan and KPK will have their elected governors as well. The elected candidates will even be ruling over the respective seats for the National Assembly and Senate as well.


In National Assembly, there are approximate 392 seats in which there are separate 60 seats for the women and 10 seats for the non-Muslims. The candidates are elected to hold their responsibilities for the time scale of 5 years. On the other side, the total number of seats in the Senate are 100 in which there are also reserved seats for the women and Non-Muslims as well. The elective candidates can supervise as the member of Senate for 6 years. In KPK Assembly there are 124 members.


Pakistan General Election Result 2018

Punjab Election Result 2018

Sindh Election Result 2018

Peshawar Election 2018 Results:

Peshawar is the capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province and it is also the important city for election 2018. PTI and PMLN are the strong candidates in Peshawar City. The result for the election 2018 Peshawar will announce soon.

As we all know that the election days are just getting closer and all the political parties have been strongly indulged in attaining the attention of the people through their speeches, Jalsa, and processions. They are trying to infuse the people by making them realize that how much they have served the nation in the past as well. If we look upon the Malakand, Peshawar, Mardan, and KPK then we say that these regions are much in favor of the ANP and currently this party is making their stronger place. However, PML(N) is much backward in grabbing the attention of these districts. PTI is having a huge support in the young generation and adults of Pakistan. Hence the Election Commission of Pakistan has set up maximum 70,000 polling stations in every single hook and corner of Pakistan. Even the Pakistanis who have settled in abroad they can even vast the vote through the online system by visiting the website of NADRA.

Pakistan General Election Results 2018

Mardan Election 2018 Results:

In Mardan, the total number of registered voters is more than 10,0000. There are three National Assemblies in Mardan and eight provincial assemblies. The competition is very tough between the PTI and PMLN in Mardan. It seems that PTI will win from these constituencies but it is not easy to win.

Malakand Election 2018 Results:

When we look around at the sides of the Malakand then there are 311,172 voters that have registered their votes. In Malakand, there is one National Assembly as NA-35 whereas the number of Provincial Assemblies has been 2 that are PK-98 and PK-99.

Well, this has been all about the KPK Election 2018 Results PTI, Peshawar, Mardan, Malakand. Now let’s see that which would be that lucky one party that will rule on the Democracy of Pakistan for the next five years. But don’t forget that as the citizen of Pakistan you have the right to cast your vote. Don’t miss out to reaching at your polling station!



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