Pakistan General Election Results 2018

Here we will discuss Pakistan general election results 2018 position updates. If any person wants to know about the position updates of different political parties for Pakistan general elections 2018 then this post is considered to be the best place from where he will find the latest and recent updated results. As we know that election is considered to be the most important and significant factor in the history of Pakistan. This time, Pakistani people expect huge hopes from this general election 2018. As we know that Pakistan general election 2018 will be conducted on 25 July 2018. Because of the existence of social media and other different sources, Pakistani people have awareness regarding this general election. If we talk about Pakistani political parties then this time the most popular parties are PML N, PTI and PPP. In other words, we can say that these three parties will decide the future of Pakistan. As we know that few days back, every political party announced its party manifesto and objectives. Every political party tried its level best to show that it the best political party for the betterment and progress of Pakistan. In this informative and interesting post, we will discuss about the Pakistan general elections results 2018 position. We would like to mention the position updates of each political party individually so that readers will get an idea. you can see the Updates on 25th July 2018 see the actual results of parties who will win the how many seats.

Pakistan General Election Results 2018

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Pakistan General Election Results 2018 Not Governmental/election Commission Results

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Pakistan General Election Result 2018

KPK Election Result 2018

Punjab Election Result 2018

Sindh Election Result 2018


2.      Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf:

Firstly, the most important and main political party is the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. According to a recent survey that most people strongly believe that PTI is the only political party which brings a dramatic change in this country. Moreover, if we talk about present leaders then they just work for their personal interests. In this way, Pakistani people wanted to give chance to Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.

3.      Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz:

The second most popular and important political party for general elections 2018 is the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz. This political party motivates and convinces Pakistani people that they will definitely work hard for the betterment and progress of Pakistan. During their election campaign, this political party highlighted and throws light on their successful and big projects. They also compare their Punjab government with other provinces of Pakistan. Without any doubt, we can say that the progress of Punjab province is incredible and better as compared to other provinces. Another important and main point about this political party is that they also done hard work in their previous government. If we talk about major and big projects of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz during their government then we can say that the metro bus, motor way, Danish school, distribution of laptops, solar scheme etc.

  Pakistan People Party:

We would like to discuss the position updates of Pakistan People Party. In this general election, the graph of PPP will goes down. The main reason is that Pakistan People Party performed badly in the previous election. Because of this main reason, Pakistani people get very disappointed with the performance of PPP.

Apart from these political parties, if we talk about position updates then we can say that other parties such as MQM, ANP, PMLQ, and JUI also participated in the Pakistan general elections 2018 and they will make the next government as a joint venture with the federal government. If we talk about MQM then this political party has strong reputation and popularity in Karachi. In other words, we can say that Karachi is considered to be the main center point of MQM. The candidates of MQM will definitely win the seats from the different areas of Karachi. On the other hand, PML-Q has no future. Only few candidates are left in this political party. Mostly candidates are joining other political parties like Marvi Memon. Lastly, ANP has the strong reputation in the NWFP province. The candidates of this political party will surely win the seats.

On the whole after discussing the Pakistan general election results 2018 position updates it is easy to conclude that PPP, PTI and PMLN are considered to be the three major and important political parties for general elections 2018. In the final conclusion, we can say that without any doubt the next federal government of Pakistan will be made from these three parties. In short, if we talk about the maximum chances then we should mention the name of PML-N and PTI. Hence, we can say that if you want to read out latest position updates of Pakistani political parties for general elections then you should give a look at this informative article. As we Pakistani, it is the duty and responsibility of every person to caste vote on 25 July 2018 to the right political party for the future of Pakistan. Update with this Page and get the Latest Updates regarding Pakistan General Election Results 2018. which will announce probably after 8 pm on 25 July.


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