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Sindh Election Results 2018 Karachi

Here we will discuss Sindh Assembly election results 2018 Karachi. Firstly, we would like to mention that Sindh Assembly is considered second big and major assembly in Pakistan after the Punjab assembly. If we talk about the importance of this assembly then it gives many sacrifices for the progress of Pakistan. The main and important political parties that are involved in Sindh Assembly are MQM, PPP, PMLF, and PMLQ. Sindh Election Results 2018 will announce on 25 July 2018. In this article, we will discuss the role of each political party and its importance in the Sindh Assembly.

Sindh Election Results 2018 Karachi, MQM,PPP, PML F,Q

Sindh Election Results 2013 Karachi, MQM,PPP, PML F,Q


Firstly, we would like to discuss the role of PPP in Singh Assembly because i
t is considered to be the big party in Sindh province. This political party has influence in urban and rural areas of the Sindh province. As we know that the popularity of PPP in Sindh Assembly is dramatically high. Because of this reason PPP has strong position and role in Sindh Assembly.


Now we would like to discuss the role of MQM. After PPP, we would like to mention that MQM was considered to be the big and important political party in Sindh Assembly. In every election, MQM always won maximum seats in different areas or regions of Karachi. The follower percentage of MQM in urban areas is incredible higher as compared to rural areas. We would like to mention that the popularity of this political party has decreased from last many years.


The popularity of PTI is increasing day by day in Sindh. In previous general elections, this political party was not succeeded in the general elections but it seems that this political party will perform well in coming elections 2018.


Another big and important political party in Sindh Assembly is the PMLN. Today, this political party is entered into the short group. Unfortunately, we can say that this political party has less popularity percentage as compared to other political parties.

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Sindh Election Result 2018

Apart from these political parties, PMLN also prepares its party for taking part in Sindh elections. This political party tries to show their power by conducting different jalsa. Moreover, they also invite different groups in their political party. Another important and main party that enters in Sindh assembly this time is PTI. We would like to mention that PTI takes the strong and mind-blowing entry. But for our readers, we want to discuss that PTI has the weak position in Sindh assembly because of the existence of big political parties. But PTI gives tickets to their strong candidates in order to win seats in Sindh Assembly.

On the whole after discussing the Sindh assembly election results 2018 it is easy to conclude that many political parties have strong position and role in Sindh Assembly. In other words, we can say that this time it’s a tough competition between PTI, PMLN, PPP and MQM. In the final conclusion, we can say that for making next government in Sindh the winning political party will form the alliance with other political parties. As a Pakistani, we should say best of luck to all the political parties and we hope that whatever the party wins the election it should work hard for the betterment and progress of Sindh. Today, unfortunately, we can say that Sindh is the place of terrorism, robbery and other crimes.


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