Punjab Assembly Election Results 2018

Here we will discuss Punjab Assembly election 2018 results. Firstly, we would like to give the brief introduction of Punjab Assembly. We would like to mention that Provincial Punjab Assembly is considered to be the unicameral legislature of Punjab province and it is located in Lahore. Punjab Assembly was established under the Article of 106 of the Pakistan Constitution. Moreover, this assembly has 66 seats along with reserved seats for women and eight reserved seats for non-Muslims. As we know that these days every person is talking about election debates, the election campaign, and political suggestions. In this informative article, we will discuss the Punjab assembly election 2018 results. If we talk about the present situation then some people strongly think that PML-N will win the elections. On the other hand, some people believe that PTI will win the elections but the final decision will be made on 25 July 2018. These days, all the political parties are working hard and struggling for making their election campaign successful. Punjab Assembly Election Results 2018 will available here soon on 25 July.

In additionally, PML-Q is also working hard and struggling for saving their voters and their main motive is Parha Likha Punjab. On the other hand, if we talk about Pakistan People Party then we can say that this political party is considered to be the competitive party in the Punjab Province. In other words, the actual or real election fights in Punjab Province between PML-N and PTI. These days, two political parties are doing their election campaign in an incredible way in the Punjab Province such as PML-N and PTI.

Punjab Assembly Election Results 2018

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As we know that Punjab is considered to be the major and important province in Pakistan and the percentage of voter registration is maximum as compared to other provinces. In the Punjab Assembly, the total number of seats is 371. Now for our readers, we would like to mention the previous results of Punjab Province. The previous election results are given below:

  • In 2002 elections, PML-Q takes 209 seats, PPPP takes 79 seats, PML-N takes 49 seats and national alliance takes 15 seats.
  • On the other hand in 2008 elections, PML-N takes 169 seats, PPPP takes 107 seats, and PML-Q takes 84 seats.
  • In 2013, PMLN takes 166 seats, PPP takes 42 seats, PTI took 35 seats MQM took 24, and Jamiat e Ulema Islam took 15 seats.

We would like to mention that PTI is an emerging political party as compared to other political parties. The main advantage of PTI is the new and energetic leader i-e Imran Khan and this political party is giving the tough and serious competition to other political parties especially PML-N. We would like to mention that PTI conducts jalsa on daily bases. According to the recent survey that the popularity of PTI is getting rapidly increasing and the main motive for this political party is Vote For Change. On the other hand, PML-N is also performing incredible with their main motive i-e Ham Ne Badla Hy Punjab Hum Badlain Gay Pakistan. If we talk about general elections 2018 of Pakistan then PML-N and PTI will surely get maximum seats in Punjab Assembly as compared to other political parties.

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But the most important thing or factor we would like to mention that PML-N has the advantage over other parties because of their major big projects such as laptop scheme, solar light scheme, metro bus, professional training scheme etc. The last important thing we would like to mention that if young generation will cast vote this time then it will change in the election results of Punjab Assembly. The reason is that maximum percentage of young generation favor PTI strongly. But how can we forget to mention the role and importance of PPP? These days, PPP is criticizing against the bad governance of PML-N through different sources.  But as we know that the final decision will be made on 25 July 2018. Punjab Assembly Election Results 2018 is coming on 25 July.

On the whole, after discussing the Punjab assembly election 2018 results it is easy to conclude that the competition between PTI and PML-N in Punjab province is very tough. As a Pakistani, we hope that whatever the political party wins it should work hard for the next five years for the progress and betterment of Punjab province. In the final conclusion, we can say that only 48 hours will be left in order to decide which political party will win the maximum seats of Punjab province. In the end, we should say best of luck to all the parties and we hope that the winning party will surely do something for the progress and development of Punjab province and Pakistan. Keep in touch with this Page and update with the Punjab assembly election 2018 results Get the Result as soon as possible




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