Medical Colleges in Rawalpindi

Medical Colleges in Rawalpindi  recognized by the PM&DC which is Pakistan Medical and Dental Council Pakistan and these colleges listed below is the recognized Medical Colleges in Rawalpindi having the authority to admit the students willing to do the MBBS and BDS. Medical Colleges in Rawalpindi is the basic requirement of the public and private sector both of the society and having the all the facilities regarding the admissions in MBBS in Rawalpindi. Medical colleges play a vital role in the higher education studies institutions so these complete list of all private and Public sector medical colleges will help you a lot if you are from the Rawalpindi and want to be a doctor in the future as this list is not all of those who offer medical courses but of the Universities who have recognition from the Pakistan medical and dental council so that after completion of your degree your degree is not just a piece of paper for you so do have a look on these given list before taking admission in the MBBS or BDS course in the Rawalpindi.

Medical Colleges in Rawalpindi

Medical Colleges in Rawalpindi

Private Medical Colleges in Rawalpindi

Public Medical Colleges in Rawalpindi

Parent and Student Alert:

Please do not seek admission in any other college but the above listed as Medical/Dental Colleges in Rawalpindi not included in this list are running their MBBS/BDS training courses illegally and in violation of PM&DC Ordinance,1962. Parents and students seeking admission in a medical/dental colleges are advised in their own interest to pursue admission only in the recognized Medical institutions of Rawalpindi  listed above. College in accordance with the admission criteria laid down by the Council and according to the seat allocation of the institution, shall be registered by PM&DC as medical/dental students. PM&DC has allocated seats to each of the above medical/dental institution in Rawalpindi  which can be checked on ur website i.e Students admitted over and above the allocated seats would not be registered as a student by PM&DC. Any graduate of any college who was not registered as student by PM&DC (shall not be registered as Registered Medical/Dental Practitioner). It is informed that PM&DC has lifted the bar of age but students with less than 60% marks in F.Sc and equivalent are not eligible for medical or dental education. All decisions and regulations of PM&DC are binding on every medical/dental student and institution in Rawalpindi.


  1. Hi,
    I would like to ask my eligibility if my qualification help in medical degree.
    I have done Matric (science),,, MBA (finance).
    Please guide me, as I want to start business of medical store, what should actually I need to next.


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