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BS Accounting and Finance Scope In Pakistan, Degree Subjects, Salary, Career

Every Person who is facing the new financial circumstances of this age is directly or indirectly connected with accounting as accounting is the systematic way of recording and reporting financial transactions. So here on this page, we will discuss accountancy and the scope of accountancy in Pakistan. There are a huge number of Institutes, Colleges, and Universities which are offering the courses and degrees in accounting courses and beside this, a countless number of organizations and firms offers Job for accounting for a better career and pay a handsome salary to its employees. The Demand for accounting is increasing day by day in all the professional fields mostly in the Banking field because all the activities are working in banks on the transaction and there is no other way too safe and records these transactions but accountancy. There are two types of accounting that are Cost accounting and financial accounting which are actually being studied in the commerce institutes. CCNA and ACCA are two major courses in accounting which are considered as the most difficult courses in study fields. According to the need for a new era every person must know how to know about accounting so he can make transactions even he is doing a job or a businessman. Accountants are making new rules and regulations and tricks in accounting so they can manage the new changes in business deals about money transactions. What accounting subject is perfect for you are discussed below.

BS Accounting and Finance Scope In Pakistan, Degree Subjects, Salary, Career 

If we talk about the scope so this is very high in Pakistan especially in the field of banking while BS Accounting and Finance Scope In Pakistan, Degree Subjects, Salary, Career are mention with complete details.

Accounting Scope In Pakistan, Degree Subjects, Salary, Career

Accounting Career in Pakistan

We can make a decision about accounting careers in Pakistan that every field has an accounts department where accounting transactions are to be dealt with. Besides this accounting exists in a number of accounting fields like Actuary, Auditor, Bank Examiner, Certified Public Accountant, Chief Accountant, Internal Auditor, International Trade Specialist, Manager, Stockbroker, and Tex Advisor. By this, we can make an easy decision that accounting has a huge career in almost all the fields of life.

CAT Accounting Course In Pakistan

Accounting Degree Subjects

There is a number of degrees that are concerned by the accounting that is Associate in accounting, Postgraduates, and Undergraduates degree programs. These accounting programs are given bellow

  • Degree of Managerial Accounting
  • Degree in Cost Accounting
  • Degree in Tax Preparation
  • Degree in Governmental Accounting
  • Degree for International Accounting
  • Degree of Cost Estimator
  • Degree for Budget Analyzer
  • Degree in Loan Officers
  • Financial Advisor
  • Financial Manager

Academic Types of Accounting

So if you want to cater to your future with accounting you should step up the following academic types of accounting.

  • Intermediate in Commerce I. Com
  • Bachelor in Commerce B. Com
  • Masters in Commerce M.Com
  • Bachelor in Business Administration BBA
  • Masters in Business Administration  MBA
  • Chartered Accountancy C.A.
  • Association of Certified Accountant ACCA
  • Chartered Institute of Management Accountants CIMA

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Salary In Accounting Fields

If any person male or female has done these above-given courses of accountancy then the relevant companies said them welcome for a job and they a handsome salary to their employees but the salary packages are different for every field like salary for those who have the certificate of Intermediate i.e. I. Com or Having a certificate of B. Com is different from the salary package of MBA, M. Com or C.A.  Hence the salaries are matchless for every field of accountancy.

All information on the BS Accounting and Finance Scope In Pakistan, Degree Subjects, Salary, Career has described with complete detail and candidates can read all the information who is interested.

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