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Bachelor Of Dental Surgery BDS in Pakistan

Bachelor Of Dental Surgery

As we come to know that Density is the Field Of Medicine which deals with the producing, preventing and usage Of Medicine For the Patient. Dentistry is the branch of medicine that is involved in the study, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases, disorders and conditions of the oral cavity, maxillofacial area and the adjacent and associated structures and their impact on the human body.

Bachelor of dental surgery (BDS) degree is awarded at the successful completion of four years of study and one year of internship to the students as per the old regulations of Dental council of Pakistan. According to new regulations, the BDS course comprises of five years with no internship period.


The provincial Governments shall make arrangements for holding a central entry test for admission in BDS for both private and public in their respective provinces in consultation with the stake holders, inorder to determine the order of merit. The order of merit determined by the central entry test shall form the basis for admission in all medical and dental institutions. The entry test of one province shall be acceptable in other provinces. The college can hold an aptitude interview and give it appropriate weightage for final selection. The Provincial authority shall declare results of the central entry test before 31st October each year and submit the result of the entry test to PM&DC before 31st October. No private college shall admit students before 31st October each year or the declaration of the Provincial central entry test which ever is earlier. If in any province arrangements for holding a central entry test do not exist, the private colleges shall conduct their own entry test in order to determine the order of merit in a transparent manner.
For admissions in medical and dental institutions located in the Islamabad Capital Territory, the central test shall be held under the arrangements of the Ministry of Health.All admissions for both public and private admissions must be completed by 30th November each year and submitted to PM&DC otherwise it shall be considered a violation of PM&DC rules.

No admission shall be given without an entry test or SAT II score of 550 marks. Only those Pakistani national students and foreigners who have obtained the required qualifications for the entry test from abroad, shall be eligible for admission on the foreign seats and shall either have to appear in the entry  test or present the University the requisite SAT score. The students who are residing abroad or who have achieved their qualifications required for the entry test from abroad shall be eligible to appear in the entry test if they have passed three science subjects out of which tow have to be Biology and Chemistry. The candidates having minimum SAT II score of 550 marks, shall be exempted from the entry test and shall be required to appear only in the interview. TOEFL or IELT score of 500 or 5.5. shall be required from the students who have obtained their required qualifications from those institution where the medium of instruction for these qualifications is not English. An alternate to TOEFL and IELT is a certification by NUML Islamabad after a one year English language course.

No medical or dental institution training for BDS in the private sector shall charge fee more than five lacs per annum per student. This fee shall exclude University fees, taxes, hostel fee, transport fee and the one time admission fee. Copies of all receipts shall be submitted to PM&DC.

If the student wishes to leave the institution and does not join classes then there shall be a 100% refund of all deposit fee except for the one time admission fee. If the student wishes to leave the institution within one month there shall be 50% refund of all deposited fee and if the student wishes to leave the institution after one month of joining classes then there shall be a 25% refund.

Any monetary demand of any other charge/donation on any other pretext other than the annual fee as laid down in regulation 3 or any other non compliance of these regulations if reported shall be construed a major violation and shall make the institution liable for action under section 22 of the PM&DC Ordinance, 1962.

The course comprises didactic lectures, demonstrations, group discussions, seminars, clinical work and conferences.

The aim and objective of the curriculum is to produce a dentist who is socially acceptable and is able to work safely and effectively on patients in diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dental and oral disease.


(I) First Year:
a) Anatomy, Neuro-anatomy , Histology and Embryology
b) Physiology including Biochemistry.
c) Sciences of Dental Materials & Laboratory Techniques.

(II) Second Year:
a) General & Dental Pharmacology and Therapeutics.
b) General Pathology and Bacteriology.
c) Oral Anatomy, Physiology, Histology and Tooth Morphology.

(III) Third Year :-
a) Medicine.
b) Surgery.
c) Oral Pathology, Histo-pathology and Microbiology.
d) Oral diagnosis , Oral Medicine.

(IV) Final Year:-
a) Prosthetics and Prosthodontics.
b) Operative / Restorative / Conservative Dentistry.
c) Orthodontics.
d) Oral Surgery, Anaesthesia, Forensic Medicine, Toxicology,

Career At Dentistry:

Sedentary lifestyle and busy schedule is having effect on teeth of the people in general as well. As such a visit to a Dentist becomes a necessity. This creates a huge opportunity of employment for Dentists.
Here are Colleges/Universities which is currently offered the BDS Degree In Pakistan.

Institutes Currently Offered BDS  In Pakistan


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