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UHS MCAT Complete Guide

There are various steps to follow if you are going to take the medical as your profession. These steps are necessary to follow but the basic step to pass entry test. The purpose of this writing is to provide UHS MDCAT complete guide with MDCAT 2018 Preparation Guide. Today we are going to discuss the medical and dental college admission test. The first thing to remember, it is the test specifically prepared for the FSc premedical students only. All those thousands of students get success in entry test from the same pre-medical standard. MDCAT or MCAT entry test  is mandatory for all medical and dental colleges’ admission in the province of Punjab. It is all about UHS MCAT Complete Guide at this page.

Every student can pass this entry test if he is capable enough to balance every point necessary to go through in entry test. UHS MDCAT Complete Guide includes the following points.

UHS medical (MDCAT, MCAT) entry test can apply to those students having Punjab domicile. Residents of Islamabad can apply for the MCAT or MDCAT entry test. Students from Gilgit Baltistan can apply on their reserved seats. Students with dual nationality can apply for entry test on their reserved seats. Foreign students can apply for admission in medical and dental colleges for their reserved seats only.

UHS MCAT Complete Guide

There is no age limit decided for MCAT entry test. The marks breakup is necessary for the admission in medical colleges in Punjab. It makes students eligible to apply for MDCAT or MCAT entry test. 60 percent marks in matric science are mandatory for the students, and 60 percent marks in FSc pre-medical are mandatory for the test. For example, if FSc result is not yet announced then students even can apply for the entry test. 13 cities selected for the UHS MCAT test that means almost all Punjab covered in these 13 cities. Please select the nearby center only to avoid any delay between you and test.

Avoid traveling on the test day. If travel is mandatory then must reach your destination before the test day. Test centers included in these cities of Punjab;

UHS MCAT Centers
  1. Multan
  2. Bahawalpur
  3. Rahim Yar Khan
  4. Dera Ghazi Khan
  5. Lahore
  6. Faisalabad
  7. Sahiwal
  8. Gujrat
  9. Gujranwala
  10. Sargodha
  11. Sialkot
  12. Rawalpindi
  13. Hasan Abdal

UHS MCAT Complete Guide

UHS MCAT Syllabus

UHS MCAT syllabus is going to share here. Typically, UHS test included questions from FSc pre-medical course. All syllabus read out during the FSC pre-medical aspect can go through for UHS MCAT entry test preparation guide. However, the fixed syllabus of UHS is available on their website as well. It is compiled by the guru of the medical field in UHS. The various test subject distributed as biology, chemistry, physics, and English. About 88 questions would be asked from biology, 58 from chemistry, 44 from physics and 30 questions from English. Questions break down the test into various sections to make it easy for a student to prepare. One question paper contains 220 questions.

MCAT Questions

All questions published in the form of MCQs.1100 is total marks of the MDCAT test. Every right answer marks as five and every wrong answer deducted as one mark.  However, unanswered questions cannot be marked on either side. The total duration of MDCAT test is 150 minutes. The practice to fill answer sheet is another required thing to get good marks in entry test. It is natural to respond in the form of mental and physical stress before the test. Light exercise and enough sleep are best alternatives to stress. Thinking and fear cannot be enlarged enough because they can affect the entry test preparation. Students should get the exact location of the test center because one city may have more than one test center.

UHS MDCAT Preparation

The last night preparation of MDCAT entry test includes to take admit card with you, application form, CNIC or B Form, 2 Blue Ballpoint pen, Clipboard and finally suitable clothes. After all, preparations are done, you will get the Test day. Healthy breakfast can be a good supplement for you on test day. You should reach test center before 8 AM because no one allows entering in the test center after 8:15 AM. Remember that you cannot use the lead pencil or pen in the test. Calculator, digital watches, written material or geometry are not allowed in the test. Find your seat because now you cannot leave test center before the end time.

No one allows retaking the test if he missed the test on test day. He has to wait for one year for the test. You have to write roll number in digit and fill the circles after that. You should familiar with the correct way of marketing and filling circle. No mark allowed outside the circle. No change, no erase, and no white fluid is allowed on the answer copy. The changed, erased and the white fluid used means your marks will deduct as negative marking. The last paper of the question Performa cannot be used for the rough work.

UHS MDCAT Answer Key And Result

The UHS MDCAT Answer key is available to students on the official website of UHS after 12 hours of the test. The next day all national newspaper of Pakistan will publish same answer key for students. The official result date and timing is not fixed. It changes with the passage of time and effort made by the students. Only 15 days allow for the student to request for complaints with the total counting of marks. UHS MDCAT result is available on the website; you can print your result card from the same website.

The result is valid for one year only. Any student can participate in the test more than one time. If students belong to degrees other than A level and O level, then he should go through the algorithm of equivalence certificate issued by the IBCC. For documents required to show IBCC student has to visit one of the offices of IBCC. The UHS is the sole authority to make the merit after the entry test result. It is all about UHS MCAT Complete Guide.

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