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ISSB Interview Questions And Answers 2021 PDF

Every year a huge number of candidates appear in the ISSB Test to join the Armed Forces of Pakistan so to clear this they searched for the helping material regarding ISSB Interview Questions And Answers 2021 PDF from the internet and other sources so that is why here we have arranged these for all those who wish to become an officer in the Armed forces of Pakistan. There are many ISSB Test Preparation Centres in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad which offered different practical classes to the students to remove all kinds of hesitation from their personalities. General Information of ISSB could be taken from any person who has appeared in the test before you but that is not enough as this is the strategy of some candidates they find candidates who have to appear in the ISSB test but not able to clear if they are not able to clear than how could they teach you the right path. Instead of running behind these candidates, you could go for the ISSB Test Preparation Book as these are available in the Market and written by expert persons. Every year the selection Criteria of the ISSB test are changed so you need to focus on stay up to date with the latest news.

ISSB Interview Questions And Answers 2021 PDF

ISSB Interview:

ISSB Interview is simply a test like other tests but the difference is that in that test the interviewer just judges the personality trait of the candidates. In that test questions are asked to you about your personal life, Your surroundings, General Knowledge Questions, Mathematical Formulas hence the ISSB Interview session is divided into different categories and each category with the brief details is discussed here on this page.

ISSB Interview Questions And Answers 2021 PDF

Personal Life Questions in ISSB Interview:

One should have fully prepared for the different questions about their own personal life and the interviewing officer will put some stress on you regarding your personal life and personal life quest

Following are the questions that are often asked from the candidates:

  • From where your parents belong to
  • What is the anniversary date of your parents?
  • How your parents meet each other
  • Questions about your Father occupation
  • Questions about your mother occupations
  • How Many Sisters and brother you have and their date of birth
  • Do you ever quarreled with your sister or brother and what is the reason behind that
  • If you have a sister then why she is not married yet
  • What is the total income of your father from all sources?
  • What are your grandfather’s occupation and their income as well?
Academic Career Questions in ISSB Interview:

The academic career of each candidate explains a lot to the interviewing officer so that is why here you do have to face some difficulties if you have any kind of ambiguity. Questions asked in that section could be like:

  • What are your favorite subjects and why they are favorite?
  • Why are you really good at some specific subject, not others?
  • What are your total marks obtained in the Matric Class?
  • What is the total number of percentage you got in Matric?
  • Marks obtained in Intermediate examination
  • From where you have completed your matric education, the Address of your school
  • Why you do not like this subject
  • If you have failed or got supply in one subject then why
Mathematical Questions in ISSB Interview:

There are many mind bluster questions about the mathematical formulas regarding Weight, Time, Space, and Speed.

For Example: Which of the following values is NOT equal to 34(58+9)?

  • A) 34 x 67
  • B) 58(34+9)
  • C) 34 x 58 + 34 x 9
  • D) 1,972 + 306
  • E) (9 + 58) 34
Physics Questions in ISSB Interview:

The subject questions will from the syllabus book as all they have read in the 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th Class so that is why if you have a full grip on all the Law in the physics book then you could easily complete this category the questions normally asked from that section are about the Newton 1st Law, Newton 2nd Law, Newton 3rd Law, Boyle’s Law, Charles Law, Resonance and other all topics in books.

Social Life Questions in ISSB Interview:

The questions asked in that portion of the Interview are all about your social life that means how you spend your life when you are outside of your home. The Questions in that category would be like

  • Why you have an account on Facebook
  • Who is your best friend and why
  • Number of total friends you have
  • A good habit of some specific person in your friend list
  • How many female friends you have on your Facebook or any other social media
Pakistan Studies Questions in ISSb Interview:

In ISSB Test an interviewing officer have much concern about the thing that how much you know Pakistan and its issues. Most of the ISSB Officer says that how could we recommend a person who did not know about his own country. Most of the questions asked in that category of ISSB Interview Questions And Answers is about the Pakistan border and it could be Pakistan Afghanistan Border length, Pak China Border length, Pak India Border length so do know the Pakistan Borderline information before you to to the ISSB Test Centres in Pakistan.

Religious Questions in ISSB Interview:

Religious Questions in the Interview should be like

  • What is the difference between Nabwi and Hijri
  • What are the total number of Ayaat in Quran
  • Total Numbers of Surah in the Quran
  • Kalab-ul-Quran is known which surat
  • In which Hijri Ghazwa-e-Badr were fought
Sex-Related Questions in ISSB Interview:

Candidates if you are going for the ISSB Test Interview session then do prepare yourself to answer questions about the sex as an interviewing officer do ask questions to put some pressure on you. That how many boyfriend or girlfriend do you have, Do you sleep with your boyfriend or girlfriend, Do you give me your girlfriend for one night, etc.

Abbreviations in ISSB Interview:

Yes, abbreviations can also be asked from the candidates that what is the abbreviation of ISSB, CSS, SIM, WIFI, MPEG, IP, DOS, GSM, PSO, etc.

Pak Armed Forces Questions in ISSB Interview:

If you are going with a wish to join the armed forces of Pakistan then you should have basic knowledge about the armed forces as officers do ask you questions. The questions in that section of an interview would be like

  • On which date did Captain Muhammad Sarwar award by the Nishan-e-Haider in Pakistan
  • Who is the chief of army staff
  • Army captain is equal to which naval officer rank in Pakistan
  • Who is the chief commanding officer of Pakistan Air Force
  • Who is the chief Commanding officer of the Pakistan Navy
  • What is the role of our Pak Armed Forces in Indo Pak Wars Yet?

ISSB Interview Questions And Answers 2021

This is all about the ISSB Interview Questions And Answers 2021 PDF so if you need more information or have any query then you can write us in the comment section below on this page so our team of specialists would solve your query as soon as they get it.


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