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Hajj Information 2021 In Pakistan

Muslims have the ambition to see the holy place picture every Muslims want to go for hall. Further, we would let you inform about the procedure that is known as requirements for the inclusion of Hajj pilgrims. Fingerprints and biometric is mandatory now because it is compulsion by Saudi Arabia. Biometric and Fingerprint is the security layer from the government of Saudi Arabia to all other governments including Pakistan. The Etimad named company is responsible for all such kinds of verification. It is free of cost service for the residents of Pakistan. Less than 6 years and more than 80 years are exempted from this verification. Hajj biometric schedule or estimated biometric appointment are required to stay updated. You don’t need to worry about such a process because the hajj biometric schedule will call you by making an SMS alert on the registered mobile number. Further, the helpline is dedicated enough to work for all those who want to go to this sacred event every year for Hajj Information 2021 In Pakistan.

Hajj Information 2021 In Pakistan

  • 184,210 Pilgrim Will Perform Hajj
  • 110526 Pilgrims are under Government Scheme and other on private Scheme
  • Hajj package 2021 would cost Rs 4,36,575 for Northern and Rs 4,26,575 for Southern regions
  • additional Rs19,451 for Qurbani

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Hajj Information 2019 In Pakistan

Hajj 2021 Latest News Pakistan

COVID-19 has spread across the world and many of the countries have closed the entry and exit for the other foreign people. Same as it Saudi Arabia has closed the entry for Pakistani people due to COVID-19. When we will receive a new update about Hajj 2021 then we will update this page.

Hajj means literally “to set out for a place”. For a Muslim, that place is the Holy City of Makkah. Hajj information is the steps that are performed during the Hajj holy obligation is performed during the Zilhaj a holy month according to the Islamic calendar which is the eleventh month of the Holy Quran. It is associated with Hajj Information 2021 In Pakistan. When we perform Hajj it gives us the feeling of closeness by Allah Almighty and Alla is the one who orders us to perform us who have the ability to perform both financially and Physically. If a person having both these requirements then he must perform Hajj. The annual hajj pilgrimage to Mecca. The annual pilgrimage, one of Islam’s five pillars, draws 3 million each year, making it the largest yearly gathering of people in the world. Believers from all over the world travel to Mecca in Saudi Arabia. It is all about the Hajj Information 2021 In Pakistan, we will share more here on this page.

ALLAH hum ssab ko Hajj karne ki sadat ata farmaye.

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