Hajj Policy 2020 Pakistan

In this article, we will be discussing all the details about Hajj Policy 2020 Pakistan. At this time, the government of PTI is in charge and is making the Hajj Policy. According to the Policy, there will be 179,210 Pakistanis who will perform Hajj under Government and Private schemes. A special quota is also made for the overseas Pakistanis this year. The final selection will be made after balloting and it will be strictly followed on merit. Those having age more than 70 years, will be selected without balloting. The fee for the Hajj is increased this year because the Saudi Government has added some additional charges this year. The Hajj fee for the pilgrims from Northern Areas is Rs.490,000 and Rs.480,000 for the Southern Areas pilgrims. The Hajj Policy is made under the supervision of the Religious Minister Noor-ul-Haq Qadri. Now you can check the complete policy here.

Hajj Policy 2020 Pakistan

From last year’s policy for Pakistan Hajj, it is made compulsory for each candidate that they should have their bio-metrics before flying to Makkah. The Schedule of each candidate should be text on their given number and on the desired date, those candidates should have to appear in the center for their Bio-metrics. Other in the Hajj Policy there is a little change from last year’s policy and that is in the price of each pilgrim as well as the Number of Pilgrim who will perform Hajj this year from Pakistan. The rest of the complete information is given below on this page for all of you.

Hajj Policy 2020 Pakistan

Pakistan Hajj Policy 2020

In addition, this time Pakistan Hajj Policy 2020 has also been accompanied by the rules and customs as well.

  • According to the Minister of Religious Affairs, about 179,210 Pakistanis will perform Hajj this year.
  • The quota for the selection will be totally on merit and it will be strictly followed.
  • The fee for the Hajj 2020 for Muslims from Northern Region is Rs. 490,000 and that from the Southern Region of the country is Rs.480,000.
  • The pilgrims with age more than 70 years, will be selected without balloting.
  • There is also a specific quota of 1000 overseas Pakistanis, who can perform Hajj with their relatives.
  • There will be 60% pilgrims said under the Government scheme while 40% will perform Hajj under Private Scheme.
  • This year, the direct flight from Quetta to Saudia will also operate.

Hajj Policy 2020 Pakistan In Urdu

All the application forms will be revealed through the banks that will be offering the forms soon after any statement by the Government. The applicants will be able to take hold of the application forms as soon as the Government will proclaim the proper schedule of the Hajj Policy 2020 Pakistan. In addition to it, the service rates have also been all announced for the applicants. Also, check the Hajj Packages 2020 Pakistan Price. Well on the whole of it this was all about the Hajj Policy 2020 Pakistan. Now all those people that have the everlasting wish to visit the God house must apply for the application now.


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