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Easy Subjects For BA From Punjab University

Are you here in search of Easy Subjects For BA From Punjab University then you will definitely get the answer of your questions from here. We know that each and every year, thousands of candidates do BA from Punjab University, they either appear as the regular candidate or they appear as the private candidate. This degree is affordable, that is why many of the students opt for this Punjab University BA study program. If you have been thinking to apply for this BA program but you do not have this idea which one are the subjects that are easy in this BA program then we can help you with that, we will let you know easy subjects which you can opt if you have been doing BA from Punjab University:

Easy Subjects For BA From Punjab University

Easy Subjects For BA From Punjab University


It is not only the easy subject but it is one of the scoring subjects too, it has this short syllabus, poetry and Nasar some in the exam and you have to learn few of the verses of Bullay Shah, Baba Fareed, Lok geet etc.


You can score much in this subject, it has this single book in which you will be asked for the analysis of Sheikh Saadi and Allam Iqbal poetry. You have to translate the Persian poetry into Urdu.


You will be given long questions which are theoretical based and numerical based, all those students who have full command on stats can easily fetch massive marks in this subject.


It is this simple subject that can be studied by all of us, you will be studying society, individual, groups, caste, class system, you will be studying different theories of sociologists. You will too be asked questions about the main societal issues of Pakistan which any student can easily answer.


It is too one of the easy subjects, you only have to read, no ratta! You will be asked simple questions in the BA paper about media and communication. You will be asked conceptual questions about media and mass communication which any lay man can even answer.


It is too one of the easy subjects, if you have done inter in Economics then you can easily grab maximum marks in this subject. This subject has two portions, one will be from micro economics and the other one will be from macro economics. You will too be asked questions about the economy of Pakistan and that has been marked as the easiest portion of this exam.


You will be given questions to analyse the Poetry, ghazals of poets, it is too easy and more marks fetching subject. If you are in the habit of reading Urdu newspaper then you can well score and understand this subject.


It is one of the scoring subjects, you have to do translation of Arabic, if you are good in ratta and you does not have that much time to do preparation for BA exam then you can opt for this subject.

Now, if you want to give BA exams from Punjab University and you want to score in the maximum way too then you can pick out these Easy Subjects For BA From Punjab University as your optionals.

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  1. please tell me which subject of ba private Punjab university are easy and good scoring (Punjabi – Journalism – or Political Science ) and in optional ( Arabic or Persian)


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