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How To Earn Money Online In Pakistan

Are you looking for How To Earn Money Online In Pakistan nowadays it is very difficult to find a job in our country, in Pakistan, there is a lack of vacancies due to an economic slowdown and invalid economic policies? We cannot depend on a single person to earn a sustainable income and fulfill our needs. Students get worried about financing their studies. In the West, it’s a general rule to earn money in order to get an education. In Pakistan, it may be difficult to find a full-time job but it’s not impossible to find a part-time job. Many easy and part-time jobs are available on the Internet but you just need to have polished skills. All these jobs do not require much time but if you have skills then you can earn a handsome amount every month while spending just a few hours on the Internet. There are many Organizations and also single persons who are looking for the person with the skills they require. These jobs do not demand you to come to the office or any other place as while sitting at your home you can complete the order and earn money online. Further, info about How To Earn Money Online In Pakistan is listed below.

How to Earn Money Online in Pakistan Without Investment

There are different ways to earn money online without investment read below the content and get the latest ideas about earning money online without investment.

Earn Money through Blogging

If you have good writing skills then you can work without investment as a blogger. Follow the below steps.

  • Find Niche
  • Create a Blog
  • Connect with Hosting
  • Start blogging his decided topics.

We have mentioned some steps to create a website and start blogging. Moreover, you can rank his blog through SEO, and if your blog rank on Google and generate traffic then you can add an AdSense account. Through an AdSense account, you can earn an every month handsome amount. Right now, we are working on since 2010, and every a good amount from blogging.

Become YouTuber

At this time you can earn millions of rupees through youtube in Pakistan but for the purpose of earning money from youtube follow below the steps and start working.

  • Decide the topic on which you want to work.
  • Create a free channel on Youtube.
  • Make a video about his topic
  • Then promote in organic ways not spamming.
  • If you meet 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch times in under one year.
  • Then monetize his channel.

Ducky Bhai, Pakwheel, Mubashir Siddique, Morro, ZaidAli, and some other famous people started their youtube channels a few years ago and right all people are doing earn in Lacs. If you have unemployed and want to earn money without investment then must follow the link and earn money online.

Daraz seller

A few years ago Daraz company started its operation in Pakistan, especially for those people who want to sell their product but due to low investment they cannot buy a shop in the market. They introduced an online shopping concept in Pakistan and after this concept, you can sell your product online without any investment. For the purpose of how to make shop at Daraz must read below the steps.

  • Open
  • Select as a seller
  • Create an account and give the complete info about his product, price, and account.
  • Upload the pics about his product with a complete description.
  • After completing, all procedures Daraz team will review your product and then show it live on Daraz page.
  • After live you can take orders.

Become freelancer

In the local market, many people are skillful people like Graphic Designers, content writers, web developers, SEO experts, and some others. But they do not know how we can sell his skill amount the people.

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Guru
  • Freelancer
  • SavYour

Just create an account and then give the all details about your skill and start working as a freelancer. We have discussed some platforms that are much famous in the world while many other platforms exist where you can sell your skill like Linkedin and Facebook. Further, just follow the terms and conditions and then start to earn money in dollars. All these platforms are made by foreign people but every person can easily use them.

Writing Job

Pakistani people and especially students are experts in writing but they lack how to find and sell their writing. Right now, thousands of bloggers are working in Pakistan and across the world while a massive strength of the people is doing work on the affiliate programs. But blog writing and affiliate writing are different as the good prices of both things are different.

  • How to find a writing job?

Everyone is well aware of Facebook, Linkedin, Upwork, Guru, and Fiverr. Different people have created communities and groups on all social media platforms. Where people can do just one post or publish add as a content writer. Then people in contact with you can take samples. If your writing skill is too good then they offer to join. Moreover, people do not know about the price of each word for blog and affiliate writing. Have a look down.

  • For Affiliate and Product reviews, people can charge 4 rupees for each word in Pakistan.
  • For blog writing, people are doing charge 1 to 2 rupees for each word in Pakistan.
  • If we discuss an international level, people are doing demand in dollars.


The majority of people know about Fiverr but those people who have recently graduated do not know how to work on Fiverr. Fiverr is one of the biggest international platforms where people can sell any type of skill in dollars to other people. No doubt, these days people are doing earn millions of rupees from Fiverr but those who are unaware follow the steps and start work as a freelancer.

  • Open
  • Click on account
  • Two options will appear: Become a buyer and become a seller
  • Select Become a seller
  • Crease account
  • Give the complete info about bio, career, education, skill, and some others.
  • Then click on submit. Your account will go into the approving department of Fiverr if you have given the original detail then your account is successfully approved.
  • Moreover, create gigs and then promote them.
  • After promoting gigs your skill-related people will give you an order and you will complete it in the given time.
  • If you take the order and cannot complete it in a given time then the customer can do negative rates and then maybe your gigs will degrade. Si must complete his order at the given time.

We have discussed the complete info about how to create a Fiverr account and start earning money as a freelancer.

Online Selling

Daraz, Alibaba, Shopify, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, and some other these types of platforms exist where you can sell your product online without any cost. Firstly, decide and find the product and then join different selling groups on Facebook as well as create accounts on online shopping websites that are credible and working previous many years in Pakistan and across the world. Then upload all info about his product and start selling.

How do sell products fast?

  • On Facebook, you can join different groups where people buy and sell different products. Without any investment, you can sell his product.
  • In addition, if you invest a few rupees on Facebook then you can run a campaign across Pakistan about his product and the benefit of this campaign is your product will appear on different people’s IDs.

Through different shopping websites.

  • Create accounts on Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Darax, Yayvo, and some others. All these shopping websites are the biggest and every month organize different online events where they promote different products. Moreover, all websites just show those products in an event that first joins and their registration. No doubt, after joining an event your product will promote on a local and international level, and definitely your sales ration will increase.

Home Cooking

Some people want to start a cooking business individually but due to a shortage of money, they cannot start a cooking business. Recently, some companies have introduced the home cooking idea to those people who want to cook from home without investing. On the other hand, many people do not go into the market to buy a food product. So, Food Panda, Cheetay, and some other apps have been introduced to the local market in Pakistan. Many males and females are working and making delicious dishes according to people’s needs and people who do not visit markets they can buy online. Within a few minutes, the delivery rider of these apps will deliver your order in your steps.

On the other hand, you can join different foods related pages on Facebook where every day thousands of people are seeking food products.

If you are living in cities, then you can deal with hostile students. Because those students who are living in hostel mostly prefer to the home cook food. No doubt, already many people earn handsome amounts every year.

Domain Trading

Those people who are doing business about blogs first registered their website and then start blogging. But a new trend has come in the market about domain trading. People can register a unique name domain already and then sell them on different platforms at a high rate. You can register on a website for a few rupees and then sell for thousands of rupees. At this time this is one of the most successful businesses in Pakistan and across the world.

Website Flipping

If you are doing work as a blogger then you can do website flipping because create a blog rank on Google. Generate income and then sell in the market. On the other hand, many people are just flipping because they do not create blogs just see websites and check the complete details from google analytics and with the help of some other software. Then do the final deal with the seller. After buying a website, they can do some work like SEO and rank keywords on Google, and within a few days, they can sell with some profit to other people.

Car Inspection

These days, car showrooms are going through different frauds with people who want to buy a used car. On the other hand, recently, different machines have been introduced by different companies for car inspection. Just create a profile on social media platforms and give the detail about the car inspection. So, those people who are going to buy a car from the local market they can give must order to you about the inspection. Those people who are doing work in the market charge a heavy amount for car inspections. People must prefer this car inspection company who do it at a low price.

Moreover, you can deal with different car workshops because people check the mechanical car in the workshop but they are unaware of color originality. Definitely when a car buys contact the workshop mechanic then the mechanic can provide your number to the car owner about paint originality. Sometimes mechanics demand commission but they are right because they are giving customers.

Sell Training and Online Courses

  • Online Quran Majeed

In different other countries, Pakistani people are living but they want their children to read Quran from professional Muslim people. So, the lesson of Quran Pak just gives the Muslim people who have done their Ph.D. in Arabic but do not know how we can teach Quran to the other people who are living in foreign countries. Just take the internet and then give teach Quran Pak to live through different software like Skype and Zoom.

  • Online Courses

People are offering different courses and even they are teaching but physically. This is the era of modern technology and people want to learn online while even some people want to spend online money. So, record his lecture, and then many online platforms exist where you can sell his lecture online for different amounts. If you are doing a lecture on a Pakistani niche-related topic then sell in rupees while if you are giving a lecture on an international topic then sell in dollars.

Forex Trading

The concept of online trading has started across the world and recently, the Forex Trading concept has been introduced in Pakistan. People invest online and then start trading but this is very risky because trading depends on the dollar rate. Some time dollar rate comes in below and some time dollar rate increases.

Content Writer:

You can learn How To Earn Money Online In Pakistan by writing featured content and joining SEOs companies as article writers, Freelancing organizations provide you with a chance where you can charge your desired amount for the time you work, people nowadays need software developers, java scriptwriters and they are willing to pay you for this.


How To Earn Money Online In Pakistan At Home

Online Competition:

In addition to it, you can earn a sustainable amount of money by participating in various online essay, story, and poetry writing competitions but the only condition is that you should have some talent and skills, and you will be provided with money for providing your services to them.

How To Earn Money Online At Home in Pakistan

Online Survey:

There are lots of online surveys taking place and the surveyor is willing to pay some rupees for giving your point of view. You can go to such a site and register yourself there and you will be provided with a surveying form that is to be filled you.

How To Earn Money Online At Home

Captcha Entry:

Captcha is a distorted word a word may or may not with a meaning along with some numbers and signs with it. I remember a time when my uncle used to solve captchas. When I asked him about the reason for solving them he told us that the more he solved captchas the more money he will get.

How To Earn Money Online At Home Through Online Captcha


Facebook is a social networking site and you can even make, Earn Money Online In Pakistan while sitting at home. I can say it with surety because a relative of mine has been earning for months by creating hundreds of Facebook identities and making them join social groups. This is not difficult and even don’t require too many skills.

How To Earn Money Online At Home Through Facebook

These are the ways How To Earn Money Online In Pakistan by which you can earn money online easily.

How to Earn Money Online in Pakistan through Games?

These days some youtube is spreading news people can earn money online from games. But all the information is wrong because these types of gamers do not exist in Pakistan as well on an international level where people play games and earn income online. On the other hand, if this type of game is introduced in Pakistan then we will share it on this page.


How can I make $100 a day online?

There are different ways to earn online income above 100 dollars in a single day like Writing, Online selling, Fores trading, home cooking, and freelancing.

How can teens earn money online in Pakistan?

Now, you can utilize his skill on freelancing platforms and earn millions of dollars online without any investment.

Which app gives free money in Pakistan?

No apps give the money free in Pakistan and those people who are doing fraud with Pakistani people.

How can I earn real money online?

We have mentioned the complete details about how to earn real money online. Furthermore, read above the information and then start earning.

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