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What Is Itikaf in Ramadan, How to Do, Niyat Dua

If you wanted to know abour the What Is Itikaf in Ramadan, How to Do, Niyat Dua and other things about Itikaf then read this article till end. Itikaf is a kind of worship during which one have to stay in the mosque for certain period or days. In these day one should devote himself for worship of Allah and would stay away from the other all affairs of World. Many people do Itikaf During the last 10 days of the Ramadan in the Mosque near or any selected mosque is which they want. Itikaf is an arabic word which mean isolated oneself. As the meaning shows all one who wanted to do itikaf isolate himself anf spend all his day and night in the mosque till the Eid Moon Sighted.

In What Is Itikaf in Ramadan we should mentioned that there are three types of Itikaf first is Sunnah Itikaf. This itikaf is performed in the last ten days of Ramadan in a mosque for Allah. Second is Nafl Itikaf which can be perform any day or night during the whole year in this Itikaf Ramadan days or nights are not compulsory. Third Itikaf is Wajib in this Itikaf a person make a wish to Allah and then if the wish come true then he or she has to spend some days as he or she decided itself in itikaf

What Is Itikaf in Ramadan, How to Do

How to Do Itikaf in Ramadan:

Before doing Itikaf there are some condition on you which you have to fullfill in order to start your Itikaf.

  • First of all the person who wanted to Itikaf should be a Muslim
  • There is a certain age in which you can do Itikaf that is for boys he must be above 7 years and for Girls she must be above 9 year
  • The physically and mentally state of the person should be good.
  • One should have to do Niyyah Before Itikaf. Intention for Itikaf should be Allah not for the world
  • If a women wanted to do Itikaf then she should have to take permission for her Husband before Niyyah
  • For a men it is compulsory to perform Itikaf in a Mosque but for Women they could perform at thier homes.
  • One should have to enter into the Mosque before the Magrib with the Niyyah of Itikaf on the 20th Ramadan.

Itikaf Ki Niyat Ki Dua in Urdu Arabic

Itikaf Ki Niyat Ki Dua in Urdu Arabic

What to Do During Itikaf:

  • One who go for Itikaf should have to pray five time Namaz as it is compulsory
  • After Isha Namaz There are 20 rakah traweeh perform so it is compsulory for the person in Itikaf to perform taraweeh
  • If you are in Itikaf then this is the best time to pray Nafl
  • One Should read Quran as muchh as he can in these 10 days of Ramadan
  • One should get more and more information about the Islam during these days
  • One should make dhikar and Dua to Allah for forgiveness of sins more and more


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