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Ramadan Calendar 2023 in Pakistan Sehr Iftar Timing

Note: Ramadan Calendar 2023 in Pakistan is available and all Muslims will keep the first Roza expected on 23rd March 2023.

Muslim people wait for the month of Ramadan because this is a month of blessing. But now people ask about Ramadan Calendar 2023 in Pakistan along with the complete schedules like Sehr, Iftar date, and time. As per the Islamic Calendar, no 9 is the month of Ramadan. In Islam religion, this is considered one of the most respectful months. In the month of Ramadan, people keep fast for a whole day, and on the time of Namaz Magrib, they eat some food. Ramadan gives a lesson in patience to all Muslim people. Further, the month of Ramadan going to start on 23rd March 2023 and now few days are left and people asking regarding Ramadan Calendar 2023 in Pakistan Sehr, Iftar.

Ramadan Calendar 2023 in Pakistan Sehr Iftar Timing

Now the Ramadan Islamic Calendar 2023 in Pakistan Sehr, Iftar timing is mentioned on this page and people can see the schedule. Ramzan is starting in Pakistan this year in the month of March. So that is why these calendars will be very useful for you in many terms. Here on this page, we are going to share the date and timings of Sehr and Iftar in three cities. These are the biggest cities in their provinces. All Muslims are requested to break their fast according to their regional timings. The difference in timing is with respect to the weather and climate of the city.

1st Ramadan Kareem in Pakistan 23rd March 2023
Is it Ramadan in Saudi Arabia today 23rd March 2023

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Ramadan Calendar 2023 Lahore

For people information, people can check Lahore Ramadan Calendar 2023 on this page. Lahore is the biggest city in the province of Punjab. This year, the expected date of the start of Ramadan is March if all the remaining months will be of 30 days. It depends upon the rotation of the moon. In the city of Lahore, this month is celebrated beautifully. All Muslims wake up early before the Fajr Prayer and start preparing for the fast. Then after Sehri, they visit the nearest mosque and offer prayer.

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Ramadan Calendar 2023 Islamabad

Now everybody can see the Ramadan Calendar 2023 Islamabad. As Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan, Ramadan Month is also celebrated with belief and respect. Muslims after fajr prayers, recite the Holy Quran. Then they go to their works and offer all the prayers. In the evening, they come back to their homes where they prepare for the Iftar. The females of the house make the iftar and the whole family gathers at a place to break their fast.

Islamabad Ramadan Calendar 2023

Ramadan Calendar 2023 Karachi

People can check the Ramadan Calendar 2023 Karachi. In the evening, Muslims break their fast and visit the nearest Mosque for Maghrib prayer. At night, all the Muslims visit the Mosque and after the Isha prayer, they offer Namaz e Taraweeh. So, this month is the best chance for repentance from sins. That is why it is the best occasion for all. After this month, the start of Shawwal is celebrated as Eid-ul-Fitr.

Karachi Ramadan Calendar 2023

So this was the complete schedule for the complete month. Timetables with Sehari and Iftari timings are written in the above tables you can follow these tables during the whole month of Ramadan. This is the place where you can download the calendars. The blessing month of Ramazan is going to start on March 2023. Muslims should follow these Ramadan calendars according to their cities because if you will not Iftar according to your city then your fast will not be accepted. Remember us in your prayers and send your feedback to us in the following comments box below this passage. So, this was all about the Ramadan Calendar 2023 in Pakistan Sehr Iftar Timing.


How long is Ramadan 2023?

For the information of the Muslim people this year people will keep the 30 Roza. So the Ramzan is not long and this month is very important in Muslim life. Further, you can see the other details in the pictures and all the Sehri and Iftari schedule is mentioned.

Is tomorrow Roza in Pakistan?

People are finding that is tomorrow's Roza in Pakistan so 1st Ramzan will start on March 2023 and people will keep the last Roza of Ramzan on April 2023.


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