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Pakistan Election 2018 Results PTI, PML N, Q, F, PPP Winners List

Here we will discuss Pakistani national assembly election results 2018. As we know that Pakistan National Assembly is considered to be the major assembly of Pakistan. The members of the National Assembly vote for Prime Minister of Pakistan. The main parties that are involved in Pakistan National Assembly are PPP, PMLN, PMLQ, PTI, and MQM. This year, general elections of Pakistan will be held on 25 July 2018. In this informative article, we will discuss the election results of Pakistan National Assembly. The total number of seats in Pakistan National Assembly is 342. From the Punjab Province, the total number of seats is 148, Sindh province has 61 seats, KPK province has 35 seats and Balochistan province has 14 seats. ECP Election 2018 Official Results is available here. If we talk about the previous general elections, then the results are given below:

  1. In the general elections of 2013, PMLN takes 166 seats, PPP takes 42 seats, PTI took 35 seats MQM took 24, and Jamiat e Ulema Islam took 15 seats.

Pakistan Election 2018 Results and winners list

Pakistan election 2013 Results, Pti, PLM N, Q, F

As we know that every political party is struggling for getting the national assembly seats. Now we would like to discuss the role of each political party in the Pakistan National Assembly.

  1. Firstly, we would like to discuss the most important political party for Pakistan National Assembly i-e PTI. This political party is favorite and popular because it has all the candidates which were won the previous elections. In Punjab province, this political party has a strong position. As we mentioned above Pakistan National Assembly consists maximum percentage of Punjab province seats. Without any doubt, the main reasons for its increasing popularity are big and major projects.
  2. The second important political party for Pakistan national assembly is the PMLN. As we know that PMLN is an emerging and grooming political party as compared to other political parties. Its popularity is getting increased day by day. We would like to mention that PMLN is considered to be the best opposition party for PTI.
  3. Thirdly, if we talk about PPP then this political party won 2nd  maximum seats in the general elections of 2013. If we talk about the performance of PPP during the last five years then we can say that it’s hopeless. But apart from the performance, there are few important reasons by which PPP will get seats in the general elections of 2018. Firstly, this political party is criticizing on PML-N and pTI on different TV channels with all their statements and complete proofs. As we know that there is a fight between PTI and PML-N so it might possible that PPP will get the advantages and make the strong government in the Sindh province.
  4. Lastly, MMA is considered as one of the best parties in KPK. There are chances that this political party will get maximum seats in general election 2018.

On the whole after discussing the Pakistan national assembly election results 2018 it is easy to conclude that according to our point of view this time PTI will take the maximum seats. Moreover, PMLN will be the second political party in the national assembly for getting the seats. If we talk PPP then it will take almost 40 seats, MMA will take almost 15 seats. In other words, we can say that there will be no 2 to 3 lead in the general Elections 2018. But it was too early to decide anything before making the official announcement on 25 July 2018. In the final conclusion, we can say that only a few hours will be left and we advice that all the Pakistanis should cast vote and they should not waste their time. Because it’s the matter of our country future and betterment. In the final conclusion, we should say best of luck to all the political parties and we hope that the right political party will win the elections of 2018.


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