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UHS Syllabus For MCAT 2016 Entry Test Medical and Dental Colleges

University of Health Sciences Lahore has issued the Syllabus for MCAT entry test of Medical and Dental Colleges for the year 2016 so all those students who want to be the doctor in the future and want to study in the top medical colleges of the Pakistan must check this syllabus out because without this syllabus complete information you are unable to get really good marks in the entry test of the UHS which is compulsory for all those who want to take admission in Medical colleges so here it is have a look. University of Health and Sciences Lahore is the responsible authority that will prepare and conduct the entry test for the medical and dental colleges of the following subjects including Biology, physics, maths, English and aptitude test. In all the UHS Syllabus For MCAT 2016 Entry Test Medical and Dental colleges of the Punjab the selection criteria is the 80% Marks in the UHS medical entry test and remaining 20% marks are of the F.Sc Pre Medical so to attend and get good marks in the UHS entry test is more important. All the entry test is compromises of all those subjects which you already have read in the F.Sc Pre Medical so there is no question that comes out of the syllabus. This entry test need your concept clarity in all the given above subjects and a little bit effort and then your good marks in the result will be guaranteed.

UHS MCAT Entry Test Answer Key 2016

Documents Require For UHS MCAT Entry Test 2016

UHS MCAT Syllabus 2016

UHS Syllabus For MCAT Entry Test 2016

UHS Syllabus For MCAT Entry Test 2016

Structure of Entrance Test Exams 2016:

Sr. No


No. Of Question















UHS Syllabus for MCAT 2016:

Aptitude Feedback for Entrance test 2016

A compulsory feedback shall be administered to all candidates  after the completion of Entrance Test 2016, collection and secure  packing of the Question Papers and Response Forms. The feedback is for University and Government use only and SHALL NOT IN ANY WAY affect the merit of the candidates.

The campus of the University of health and Sciences Lahore campus is basically inaugurated in the year 2002 and this is the Pakistan first internationally recognized student center’s Research University which now have 80 colleges and different affiliated institutions. Every year there are more than 35000 students of undergraduate and 4000 students of post graduate get their medical and dental colleges degrees from here. UHS Syllabus For MCAT 2016 Entry Test Medical and Dental Colleges available on this page as From the day first University of Health and Sciences is just focusing on the high quality education and emerge the neglected field of the nurses in the country. The core values of UHS include: Quality Assurance; Justice, Fair play, Merit and Transparency which you are promised to deliver as there is no compromise of the education and environment.


  1. if any question comes out of syllabus in entry test then who is responsible uhs or stuent?????????????plzzzzz tell me what we do prepare full book or only syllabus?????

  2. Sir, should we have to prepare only the syllabus selected by UHS or is it preferable to study the full books?


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