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Best Fields After FSc Pre Medical In Pakistan

FSc pre medical is the field that makes you aware about the medical profession in Pakistan. The first year students can focus the field more extensively. It will make you realize about the abilities of students towards the medical field. The finalized field after the FSC pre medical shall be listed here at this page in further read. The right selection after the pre medical level gave you the idea that how it will assure you about every aspect of the field. The right selection after the pre medical means the right way to satisfy the future. Field after fsc pre medical depends upon the interest and merit. The priority field after FSc pre medical is bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery. It known as MBBS. It is one of the common way to join Best Fields After FSc Pre Medical In Pakistan. The second field after the fsc pre medical is Bachelor of pharmacy means D.Pharmacy. The third field after fsc pre medical is the bachelor of dental surgery or BDS. It is again the same field relevant to the medical career. You may opt for Medical & Allied Health Sciences at the first. but remember you have to get maximum marks to get admission in pakistan. The second major field after pre medical in pakistan is  Biology and Life Sciences. It is the field that can be access easily  even if you got lower marks than the medical and allied science. Admission in agriculture sciences is not tough but Pakistani universities have proper criterion to allocated the seats. Last but nit the least is chemistry and material sciences it is indirect field but you have to care about the material sciences perspective in detailed review.

Best Fields After FSc Pre Medical In Pakistan

  1. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)
  2. Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)
  3. Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D
  4. BS in Diet and Nutrition
  5. BS Medical Laboratory Technology
  6. BS Vision Sciences
  7. BS Intensive Care
  8. Doctor of Physiotherapy (DPT)
  9. BS Bio-Informatics
  10. BS Bio-Medical Engineering
  11. BS Biotechnology
  12. BS Microbiology
  13. BS Genetics
  14. Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
  15. Emergency & Intensive Care Sciences
  16. Nuclear Medicine
  17. Respiratory Therapy
  18. Speech & Language Pathology
  19. BSc Hons Agricultur
  20. Bachelors of pharmacy.
  21. Doctor of Pharmacy
  22. B.Sc Physiotherapy
  23. Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT)
  24. Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine & Surgery (BHMS)
  25. Bachelor of Technology in Biotechnology (B. Tech)
  26. BE in Environmental Engineering
  27. B.Sc Nursing
  28. B.Sc Medical Laboratory Technology
  29. Biochemistry
  30. Biogenetics
  31. B.Sc Nanotechnology
  32. B.Sc Microbiology
  33. B.Sc Psychologist
  34. B.Sc Bioinformatics
  35. B.Sc Biotechnology
  36. Veterinary doctor
  37. Agricultural medicine

BSc Nursing

The BSc nursing is the another good option if you are unsuccessful to get the merit on above fields. The BSc nursing can be done by those who consider it as interest and may be forced field as well. Most of the students in Pakistan are failed to get the placement in above said fields. Best Fields After Fsc Pre Medical In Pakistan has other options after aforesaid as well.

BSc Physiotherapy

Like BSc Physiotherapy is the right choice for those who wants to get the glowing career in physical anatomy field.

BSc medical laboratory technology

The BSc medical laboratory technology is good choice as well because it directly link with the technical aspect of the medical in specified way

Best Fields After FSc Pre Medical In Pakistan

BPT or bachelor of physiotherapy

The BPT or bachelor of physiotherapy make you aware about the technical achievement through the physiotherapy approach. It means a lot for students who wants to see their career about the prevention, medication, and rehabilitation of movement system of human.


Bachelor of homeopathic medicine surgery (BHMS) means it medical knowledge of the homeopathic system and generally it related to surgery and medicine.

Biotechnology famous as B.Tech

The Bachelor of technology or biotechnology famous as B.Tech. It deals with the biological processes with industrial point of view.

Courses After Intermediate in Pakistan

At third attempt you can consider Environmental engineering. Bachelor of science, BSc bioinformatics. BSc biotechnology and BSc nanotechnology again choices with respect to the career after pre medical. These fields depends upon the allocation in government and private sectors in Pakistan. BSc microbiology, Bsc Psychologist, veterinary doctor, bioenergetics, agricultural medicine and biochemistry are choices for students Best Fields After Fsc Pre Medical In Pakistan.

Medical Courses, Diplomas and Technical fields after Pre Medical In Pakistan

These below given are agile options for students so they can appropriately think about the course, diplomas and technical fields after the pre medical in pakistan. These fields are relevant but not necessary link towards the way out to get the medical education in best way.

  1. Anaesthesia Technician
  2. Anaesthesiology
  3. Anesthesia Technology
  4. Audiology
  5. Audiology & Speech Pathology
  6. Cardiac Perfusion
  7. Cardiology
  8. Clinical Laboratory Sciences
  9. Clinical Micro Biology
  10. Community Medicine
  11. Critical Care Sciences
  12. Dental Hygienist
  13. Dental Technology
  14. Dentistry Diagnostic
  15. Radiology Dialysis Technology
  16. Eastern Medicine & Surgery
  17. Emergency & Intensive Care Sciences
  18. Emergency Medical Technician/Dispenser
  19. Emergency Medicine
  20. Epidemiology & Public Health
  21. Food & Nutrition
  22. Food Science & Nutrition
  23. Food Sciences & Human Nutrition
  24. Forensic Studies
  25. General Nursing
  26. Health
  27. Health Technology
  28. Homoeopathic Medical Science
  29. Human Diet & Nutrition Human
  30. Nutrition & Dietetics Mission
  31. Imaging Technician Intensive Care
  32. Medicine Investigative
  33. Ophthalmology Medical
  34. Medical
  35. Image Technology
  36. Medical Laboratory Sciences
  37. Medical Laboratory Technology
  38. Medical Physics
  39. Medical Technology
  40. Medical Ultrasound
  41. Medicine –  MBBS
  42. Midwifery Molecular
  43. Medicine Molecular
  44. Pathology Neuro
  45. Physiology Technology
  46. Neuro Sciences
  47. Nuclear Medicine
  48. Nursing Nutrition
  49. Nutrition & Dietetics
  50. Nutritional Sciences
  51. Occupational Therapy
  52. Operation Theater Technology
  53. Operation Theatre Sciences
  54. Operation Theatre Technician
  55. Ophthalmic Technician
  56. Ophthalmology Optometry
  57. Optometry & Orthoptics
  58. Orthoptics Pathology
  59. Pharmaceutical Marketing
  60. Pharmacy
  61. Physical Therapy
  62. Physiology Physiotherapy
  63. Prosthetics
  64. Prosthetics & Orthotics
  65. Psychiatry
  66. Public Health
  67. Radiation Oncology
  68. Radiographer
  69. Radiologic Technology
  70. Radiology
  71. Radiotherapy
  72. Rehabilitation Sciences
  73. Renal Dialysis Technology
  74. Respiratory Therapy
  75. Skin Care
  76. Speech & Language Pathology
  77. Speech Language Therapy
  78. Sport Sciences
  79. Surgery Technology
  80. Ultrasound Technology
  81. Urology
  82. Veterinary Medicine
  83. Vision Sciences

Remember if you get the marks that are enough to retain the merit then you should have to go to the major fields. But if you are unable to obtain the marks then it must be adopted in above fields. These are fields relate to the Best Fields After FSc Pre Medical In Pakistan.


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