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Aeronautical Engineering In Pakistan

Note: Students who are interested in Aeronautical Engineering but unaware of its scope, Subjects, Importance, Which Universities are offering, and Job Opportunities info available. Read Aeronautical Engineering In Pakistan with complete details.

Looking for Aeronautical Engineering In Pakistan Scope, Career, Specialization, and Jobs then you are in the right place. With the passage of time, the concept of Aeronautical engineering in Pakistan is becoming quite a lot common in both boys and girls. But there are very few people who are not well aware of this concept of aeronautical engineering in Pakistan. It is all named out to be one of the most challenging fields of engineering in a company with a wide scope for growth. This field is all connected with the development of new technology that is connected with the field of aviation, space exploration, and defense systems.

Aeronautical engineering specializes in the designing, construction, development, testing, operation, and maintenance in favor of both commercial and military aircraft, spacecraft, and their components all along with satellites and missiles. If you are applying for the aeronautical engineering job then you should be best qualified in high technology systems, the job requires manual, technical as well as mechanical aptitude. You have to b physically fit and completely devoted to your work.

Specialization In Aeronautical Engineering in Pakistan

In this form of category, you should have experienced specializations adding in areas just as structural design, navigational guidance and control systems, instrumentation, and communication or production methods. You should be qualified in the products such as military aircraft, passenger planes, helicopters, satellites, rockets, etc. The students can even apply for a job as engineers in the areas of design, development, and maintenance along with managerial in addition to teaching posts in institutes. Students passing through aeronautical engineering have a huge sum of demand in the airlines, aircraft manufacturing units, air turbine production plants, or design development programs in favor of the aviation

Aeronautical Engineering In Pakistan

Education & Eligibility For Aeronautical Engineering in Pakistan:

  1. For getting admission in aeronautical engineering you should get a graduate degree in the B.Sc / B.E or at least a diploma in Aeronautics. Make sure that your graduate and postgraduate degree courses are all offered by the engineering Institutions as well as the diploma courses are accessible at polytechnics.
  2. The main eligibility criteria that have been set for aeronautical engineering is B.Sc / BE is F.Sc or equivalent examination, with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.
  3. Admissions will be given on the basis of the marks calculated from matriculation, FSC with a bachelor’s degree.

The maximum duration for aeronautical engineering in Pakistan is almost 2-3 years. The degree is recognized by the Ministry of Education and the government of Pakistan. The students should have the best abilities in the courses of mathematical precision and design skills, computer skills, and the ability to communicate well. They should be best in checking and maintenance of aircraft during turnarounds.

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Aeronautical Engineering in Pakistan Universities

One of the major questions that come to every mind is Which university is best for aeronautical engineering in Pakistan

Aeronautical Engineering Salary in Pakistan

Students who are interested in Aeronautical Engineering now looking for a salary which is starting from above 80 Thousand PKR. In addition, when you will get experience for one or two years then automatically your salary will rise above 1 Lak and 50 thousand Rupees.

Starting Salary Package 80 Thousand Pkr
Aeronautical Engineering Jobs in Pakistan

Right several many private airlines are working in Pakistan and people ask about jobs. So, all private companies open jobs every year and recruit people in different departments. There are a lot of opportunities in Pakistan regarding Aeronautical Engineers.

Try aeronautical engineering study right now and make your future bright!


Which university is best for Aeronautical Engineering in Pakistan?

Right now several universities offer Aeronautical Engineering like Air University, College of Aeronautical Engineering, and some others.

Is Aeronautical Engineering in demand in Pakistan?

Yes, the demand for Aeronautical going to increase day by day.

Is Aeronautical Engineering a good career in Pakistan?

Yes, an Aeronautical Engineering career is bright.

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