PMDC Recognized Medical Colleges in Pakistan 2019

Looking for PMDC Recognized Medical Colleges in Pakistan 2019 then here on this page you will have a complete list of all Medical Colleges from all the four provinces of Pakistan. Pakistan Medical Dental Council(PMDC) is the government institution which is liable to look up the Medical Colleges Functions and the proceedings of the medical colleges. Here is we enlist the Best Medical Colleges which is recognized by the PMDC according to the provinces in Pakistan. Only the medical degree of these colleges are consider to be the correct as there are other some colleges or Universities that offer you some of the medical courses but that value of that degree is not more than just a piece of paper in your hand. Because after completing your education from that colleges no one can give you job because you have not a recognized degree in your hand. Recognition of the degree is more important then the selection of the college or University as if you take admission in an unrecognized University then this will be just a wastage of time and Money and nothing more. So here are PMDC Recognized Medical Colleges in Pakistan 2019 are given here regarding their province that are recognized from the Pakistan Medical and dental Council (PMDC) so have a look so before selecting your medical college you will be aware of its recognition and the value of the degree.

PMDC Recognized Medical Colleges in Pakistan 2019

PMDC Recognized Medical Colleges in Pakistan 2019

PMDC Recognized Medical Colleges in Punjab

S#Publice SectorSr#Private Sector
1.Allama Iqbal Medical College, Lahore.15.F.M.H College of Medicine & Dentistry, Lahore.
2.Army Medical College, Rawalpindi.16.F.M.H CM&D, Lahore. (Dental Section)
3.Fatima Jinnah Medical College for Women, Lahore.17.Foundation University Medical College, Rawalpindi.
4.King Edward Medical University, Lahore.18.Islamic International Medical College, Rawalpindi.
5.Nishtar Medical College, Multan.19.Dental Section, Islamic International Medical College, Rawalpindi.
6.Punjab Medical College, Faisalabad.20.Lahore Medical & Dental College, Lahore.
7.Quaid-e-Azam Medical College, Bahawalpur.21.Dental Section,  Lahore Medical & Dental College, Lahore.
8.Rawalpindi Medical College, Rawalpindi.22.Shifa College of Medicine, Islamabad.
9.Services Institute of Medical Sciences,Lahore.23.Margalla College of Dentistry, Rawalpindi.
10.Sargodha Medial College, Sargodha.24.Wah Medical College, Wah Cantt.
11.Shaikh Zayed Medical College, Rahim Yar Khan.25.University Medical College, Faisalabad.’Montmorency College of Dentistry, Lahore.26.University College of Medicine & Dentistry, Lahore.
13.Nishtar Medical College, Multan. (Dental Section,)27.Dental Section UCM&DC, Lahore.
14.Army Medical College, Rawalpind (Dental Section)28.CMH Lahore Medical College,Lahore.
 15 Nawaz Sharif Medical College Gujrat29.Islamabad Medical & Dental College, Islamabad.
 16 Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayad Al-Nahyan Medical College30.Independent Medical College, Faisalabad
 17Ameer ud Din Medical College31.Sharif Medical & Dental College, Lahore
 18Sahiwal Medical College32.Dental Section, Sharif Medical & Dental College, Lahore

PMDC Recognized Medical Colleges in Sindh

Sr#Public SectorSr#Private Sector
1.Dow University of Health Sciences, Karachi.11.Aga Khan University Medical College, Karachi.
2.Sindh Medical College, Karachi.12.Baqai Medical College, Karachi.
3.Dow International Medical College, Karachi.13.Baqai Dental  College, Karachi.
4.Dr.Ishratul Ebad Institute of Oral Health Sciences, Karachi.14.Fatima Jinnah Dental College, Karachi.
5.Liaquat University of Medical & Health Sciences , Jamshoro.15.Faculty of Medicine & Allied Medical Sciences/Isra University, Hyderabad.
6.Dental Section, LUM&H, Jamshoro.16.Hamdard College of Medicine & Dentistry, Karachi.
7.Chandka Medical College, Larkana.17.Dental Section, Hamdard College of Medicine & Dentistry, Karachi.
8.Nawabshah Medical College for Girls, Nawabshah.18.Jinnah Medical & Dental  College, Karachi.
9.Karachi Medical & Dental  College, Karachi19.Dental Section, Jinnah Medical & Dental  College, Karachi.
10.Dental Section, Karachi Medical & Dental College, Karachi.20.Sir Syed College of Medical Sciences for Girls, Karachi.
11.Bahria Universtiy Medical & Dental College, Karachi21.Ziauddin Medical College, Karachi.
22.Muhammad Medical College, Mirpurkhas.
23.Altamash Institute of Dental Medicine, Karachi.
24.Liaquat College of Medicine &Dentistry, Karachi.
25.Dental Section,Liaquat College of Medicine &Dentistry, Karachi.
26Liaquat National Medical College,Karachi.

PMDC Recognized Medical Colleges in KPK

Sr#Public SectorSr#Private Sector
1.Ayub Medical College, Abbottabad.7.Frontier Medical College, Abbottabad.
2.Dental Section, Ayub Medical College, Abbottabad.8.Kabir Medical College/GIMS, Peshawar.
3.Khyber Medical College, Peshawar.9.Sardar Begum Dental College,.Peshawar.
4.Khyber College of Dentistry, Peshawar.10.Women Medical College, Abbottabad.
5.Saidu Medical College, Swat.11.Peshawar Medical College, Peshawar.
6.Gomal Medical College, D.I. Khan.12.Abbottabad International Medical College, Abbottabad
7.Kohat University of Science & Technology, Institute of Medical Sciences, Kohat

PMDC Recognized Medical Colleges in Balochistan

Sr# Public Sector
1.Bolan Medical College, Quetta.
2.Dental Section, Bolan Medical College, Quetta.

we hope that these Pakistan medical and dental Council PMDC Recognized Medical Colleges in Pakistan 2019 complete list will help you a lot while deciding a college for your education but if you still want any kind of help then our response department will give you complete guidance just write to us your query in the comment section.


  1. What about PMDC recognation of Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali bhutto institute of science and tecnology and about PGD in Gynecology?

  2. dental section of women medical college Karachi is the recognize by medical college and hospital OUT PATIENT DEPARTMENT is not available


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